"Happy Holidays!" from Hockinson Schools


A big Thank You to our staff, parents, and community for helping lift Hockinson's schools and students to new heights this school year!


The HSD motto and mission remains unchanged: Preparing all students for lifelong success. However, starting with the 2022-23 school year, we launched Upward Together, a three-part initiative to increase alignment, expectations, and student learning and achievement. Thanks to your support, we're heading in the right direction: Upward! 

Thank you for helping lift Hockinson's students and schools to new heights this school year! We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday.

Upward Together

Safe, welcoming, and positive learning environments that support high academic and behavior expectations for all.

We will treat each other with dignity and respect. 

We are committed to:

The physical and socioemotional safety of students and staff.

A district-wide emphasis on the Four Bs:

A sense of Belonging for every student;  

Broadcasting student voice; 

Removing Barriers to student involvement and learning; and 

An unwavering Belief in the unlimited potential of every single student.

Protecting our community’s investment by maintaining and improving our facilities and campuses. 

Aligned and effective teaching practices that promote a high level of student learning and achievement.

We value each of our staff members and the skills they bring to the HSD.  

We will:

Collaborate to align standards, engage students, and reflect on results to plan next steps to increase student performance. 

Provide common professional development opportunities that increase the collective efficacy of our staff.

Use the Danielson Instructional Framework, Engagement-Relationships-Assessment Blueprint, and the Student Growth Goals process to guide instruction and improve student learning.

Recognize the effort, growth, and achievement of our students and educators.

Everyone working together to lift Hockinson’s students and schools to new heights.

We will hold ourselves and our students to high expectations.

We will provide timely and effective communications to parents and the community that increase awareness, invite involvement, and celebrate progress.

Together, we will achieve measurable upward trends for all of our students.

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