HSD Creates New Online Volunteer Application


Interested in becoming a volunteer in Hockinson Schools? It just got easier!

HSD Superintendent Steve Marshall knows the critical role volunteers play in public schools. "I have a mantra: Great schools are a team effort. The team consists of students, staff, and parents/community. When everyone is headed in the same direction we can achieve amazing things." While the first two groups are naturally in "school mode," parents and community members can sometimes remain on the sidelines. To Marshall, it is their support that makes all the difference. For this reason, he encourages this critical group to participate in HSD schools. "There are a lot of different ways parents and residents can get involved in our schools," says Marshall. "They can attend our sports and concerts, volunteer as a guest teacher, serve on one of our many committees, or volunteer in our classrooms or on our field trips...you name it."

To make it easier for people to get involved in schools, Marshall made it a priority to revamp the volunteer process. He recruited Caleb Millay, HSD Assistant Principal, and Julie Paso, Administrative Assistant to the School Board, to create an online volunteer application platform that could be accessed 24/7. After months of research, the online volunteer portal was finally launched at end of September. 

"In many cases, participation is a function of awareness...and simplicity," says Marshall. "So we've streamlined the registration process and our new system enables us to notify our volunteers of new volunteer opportunities. We are really excited about this new way to reach out to this group throughout the school year."

Are you interested in supporting Hockinson Schools? If so, all you have to do is register HERE.


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