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Hockinson High School AAA Boosters is committed to fundraising for our students through concessions, offering hospitality to our spectators and honoring parent volunteers.

We have worked closely with Kathy Pacheco, Athletic Director, to create a new concessions volunteer program. This new program allows parents to watch  their child’s sport,and eliminate  extra work for coaches/advisors while still offering hospitality to our spectators and fundraising for our students.

80% of Concession profit goes directly to the sport, club or activity. HHS AAA Booster Club organizes and supports concessions but does not make any profit. 20% of profit covers all costs of operations.

New Volunteer Concession Sign-Up How it works:

1.     A SignUp Genius link is provided by Boosters. A simple online volunteer management system listing home games, dates, times, email reminders for current sport season: Fall, Winter, Spring.

Please use this link to share with parents:

2.     Current season sports will have 2 weeks from the beginning of the sports season to fill concession volunteer spots.

3.     After 2 weeks, SignUp Genius will open to off-season sports, clubs and activities.

4.     All volunteer spots must be filled to open concessions.

5.     Partial fulfillment of volunteer spots three days prior to event will result in concessions being cancelled.

6.     When a team, club or activity provides all volunteers 80% of the profits are deposited to their Booster account at the end of the season.

7.     In SignUp Genius volunteers indicate group they are representing, ie, volunteers from different teams Boys Soccer, Girls Swim, FBLA. Profits are equally divided and allocated to designated groups at the end of season.

 Both indoor and outdoor concessions are fully stocked and well organized. iPads with POS system and square are now available for swift check out, order accuracy, and processing credit/debit cards. A quick training “how to” given to all volunteers.

Questions. Please contact Angela Maitland, Concessions Coordinator 360.600.6732

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