Families Who Qualify for FRL: P-EBT is Here!


What is P-EBT?

Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) is a food benefit created by Congress during the COVID pandemic in order to help replace meals that eligible students would have received if school schedules had not been disrupted this year. Each child who is eligible to receive a free or reduced price school meal (including children who attend schools that serve free meals to all students) will receive their own P-EBT card in the mail in the coming weeks.  Please contact your child's school or the Hockinson School District at (360) 448-6400.

How are benefits determined?

Benefits are based on a school-based formula determined by how many days the majority of students are not physically at school and receiving a meal as part of their school day. Because it is a formula based on individual school schedules and the value of missed school meals ($6.82/day), a family will receive a P-EBT card for each child, and their children’s benefit levels may be different, based on different school schedules.  

How much will my student receive?

The first round of P-EBT benefits will cover the start of the school year through January, and then calculated and dispersed every 2 months after that. For example, if a school’s instruction was entirely remote for 15 weeks, a child would receive approximately $500 in food assistance on their P-EBT card.  

Where can I find more information on P-EBT?

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