Upward Together: All of Us Moving the HSD Forward - and Up!


Elevating our students' school experience and academic success is a big, important task. We invite everyone in the HSD community to join us in lifting our students to new heights.

Upward Together - Defined:

Upward (adverb) Toward a higher place, point, or level

Together (adverb) In combination, collectively. Without interruption, continuously.

The slogan “Upward Together” says a lot, but it doesn’t say it all. As we head into what we hope will be a school year with little-to-no COVID impact, Hockinson Schools are committed to improving teaching and learning as well as our students’ experiences at school. These are two of our highest priorities because all students deserve a great education that equips them with the skills to be successful at grade level, throughout their educational career, and in life after school.  It is critical that everyone  - educators, students, parents, the community - is moving in the same direction to make this happen. 

These topics were the centerpieces of our 2022 Learning Improvement Days during which HSD staff deepened their learning about the Workshop model, Student Growth Goals, school safety, and communication and socioemotional skills.

What is Upward Together?

Upward Together is a two year, district-wide initiative that is:

  • Grounded in the HSD Strategic Plan;
  • Based on high expectations;
  • Dependent on alignment and collaboration; and
  • Focused on each individual student and their learning.

We believe if we align our efforts, support each other, and keep our focus on each student, our schools and the success of our students will trend upward.

What will keep us heading in the right direction?

Building positive school cultures around dignity and respect. If we emphasize the Four Bs - A sense of Belonging for every student;  Removing Barriers to student involvement and learning; Broadcasting student voice; and Believing in the unlimited potential of every single student - we will improve our learning environments as well as student behaviors and academic outcomes.

Valuing each of our educators and the skills they bring to the HSD. We believe collaboration increases the collective efficacy of our staff. When educators support each other and work together, we improve our skills, effectiveness, and ultimately student learning. 

Teaching forward: Planning with standards; Building relationships with students and engaging them in learning; and Reflecting on results and planning next steps to increase student performance.

All staff participating in relevant common professional learning opportunities that expand skill sets and develop inclusive and engaging classrooms and campuses

Using the Danielson Instructional Framework, ERA Blueprint, and the Student Growth Goals process to guide instruction and decision-making.

Assessing and monitoring student learning in every classroom district-wide. HSD educators will make instructional decisions based upon that data to move students forward - and upward.

As a result:

We will have a stronger district reputation highlighted by care, inclusion, and high achievement for all students.

We will achieve higher levels of student learning as measured by interim assessments, SBA, student surveys, and other metrics determined by our educators and schools.

We will maintain a healthy, productive culture at each of our schools in which ...

... HSD Educators feel valued and positive because they are:

Clear on expectations and our district’s overall direction. 

Empowered to make instructional decisions that move student learning forward.

Seeing the results of their work and efforts.

Supported professionally by district and building professional development and personally by colleagues and teammates.

An integral part of the HSD team.

... HSD Students feel positive about school because they are:

Meeting the high, clear academic expectations set by teachers.

Engaged in learning. They know what they are supposed to be learning, why they are learning it, and can articulate how they know they have learned it.

Involved academically, socially, and in other meaningful ways in our schools.

Known, respected, and supported by all staff.

We have big dreams and are dedicated to preparing all students for lifelong success. We invite everyone to join us in lifting HSD students to new heights!




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