COVID-19 Information & Updates

Last Updated: 4/12/2022 9:20 PM

COVID Information

District Updates

HSD Programs and Scope of Services 

In the midst of extremely challenging circumstances, the Hockinson School District has worked to provide as many educational services as possible while adhering to state and local health guidelines and safety protocols related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


In-person academic programs

Working within the parameters for in-person services given to us by the state, our schools have provided on-site support for small groups of students, including:


  • Students in our Special Education program
  • Kindergarteners (Fall) and Elementary Learners (Winter)
  • English Language Learners
  • Seniors 
  • Students in need of additional academic support
  • Middle School Learners (given infection rates of 350/100k)
  • High School Learners (given infection rates of 200/100k)


Services and programs

  • Free Breakfast & Lunch Program
  • Wi-Fi Cafe @ HMS
  • Library pickup and delivery services
  • HHES at-home LAP reading materials
  • Hockinson Day Camp @ Hockinson Community Center
  • Hockinson Virtual Academy
  • Homework and tutoring support at HMS and HHS


Community partnerships and social-emotional supports

The HSD has partnered with the Boosters, PWT, and Hockinson Main Street Team to create community events and experiences that support the socioemotional health of our students, including: 


  • Country Road Take Me Home Fun Run 
  • Youth Running Camp
  • Holiday hot chocolate giveaways 
  • Hometown holiday lights and community tree lighting
  • Student birthday celebrations
  • Expanded school recognition programs to recognize character, effort, and academic achievement 


Updated instructional model

District-wide alignment with and professional development around: Engagement, Relationships, and Assessment (ERA) to adapt existing teaching and learning strategies to fit student needs in an online learning environment.




Proposed Hybrid Model

HSD Hybrid/In Person Reopening Plan

HSD Reopening: Learning Options


HSD is excited to welcome our students back to school for the 2020-21 school year--even though things will continue to look a little different than we are all used to. The health and safety of our students and staff is always one of our highest priorities and we are devoting even more attention to this responsibility during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Below are the two options our students will have to safely engage in their learning this year. Option 1 includes an all-remote start to the school year, hopefully progressing to an eventual return to modified in-person instruction, if local public health recommendations allow us to safely do so. The second option is a new program this year, called Hockinson Virtual Academy (HVA) that is designed to be a more flexible, 100% online learning experience for students who do not plan to return to in-person instruction this year.


Modified In-Person Learning 

modifed in personWe know that students want to come back to school in person. We do, too! So, we are following a full-day, five-day-a-week format using guidance of OSPI and Clark Public Health, the HSD we are back to inWe all play a role in stopping the spread of COVID-19. It is critical that we all continue to work together by wearing masks, washing hands often and practicing social distancing so our schools can remain open.

Returning to school in a modified in-person learning format will include the following to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff:


  • Required frequent hand washing
  • Social distancing among all students and staff
  • Staff and students will be required to wear facial coverings
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures
  • Full-time online option (HVA) available for families who prefer to continue distance learning


Hockinson Virtual Academy (K-12 online, self-paced option)

The HSD is excited to offer a new program called Hockinson Virtual Academy (HVA) this fall. This program will support K–12 students who want to take classes primarily online and prefer to mostly complete their learning independently, with weekly teacher check-ins. HVA is a more flexible, individualized, and self-paced learning format that follows an OSPI-approved curriculum that is aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards.

Students enrolled in HVA will develop an individualized student learning plan with their teacher. They will have opportunities to access teacher instruction and academic support as well as periodic class meetings and opportunities to engage with their peers. Learning modules for all subject areas will be included.

Read more about HVA >>


Features of the HVA Option:

  • Students take courses online at their own pace
  • Suggested daily schedules with flexibility
  • Clear objectives to keep your child making academic progress
  • Project-based lessons that teach concepts in English, math and science; as well as art, PE and music electives 
  • Curriculum from the nationally recognized Edgenuity, Lexia, and MobyMax platforms
  • One hour per week of dedicated time with a certified teacher


Who might be a good fit for HVA?

  • Students and families who want more flexibility in how they structure their school day
  • Students with high-risk family members at home who are concerned about their children being exposed to the general population
  • Students who prefer to work at their own pace
  • High school students who may have other life commitments, such as work or child care
  • High school students who may need to complete additional coursework to meet graduation standards


To learn more about Hockinson Virtual Academy contact: