Board Of Education

Patrick Carter (District 2)
Patrick Carter
Title: Director


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

“I am the Washington Marketing Team Lead for Weyerhaeuser, a large timberland and wood products company. My wife, Ada, and I have two sons. Caleb is a sixth grader at HMS and Eli is a second grader at HHES. Ada is very involved in PWT, the Hockinson Citizens Advisory Committee, and the HHES Garden Club, and is an active member of the Hockinson Main Street Team.

As the Legislative Representative of the Board, I am committed to making sure the HSD’s voice is heard in Olympia and Washington DC. Existing and new legislation can have a very large impact on all aspects of school operations and student experience.  It is our responsibility to inform our legislators about the potential impacts of proposed legislation, while at the same time providing insight into creating or changing legislation that would benefit HSD.”

2. What drives your passion for education and for serving on the HSD Board?  

“I am passionate about providing excellent public education that is accessible to all students. Access to education is important so all students can grow and learn in order to be productive contributors for themselves and their communities.” 

3. What contribution to HSD schools are you most proud of?  

“I am proud of the amount of time and energy that all of our board members, administrators and teachers have contributed to help persist through these challenging times...My favorite part of this role is the opportunity to have new experiences and make new connections with people that I likely would not have otherwise been able to do.”   

4. What about the Hockinson community inspires you?  

“I am consistently inspired by the resilience of our students. Our students are working hard to make the best of a difficult situation this year. That being said, I recognize that COVID-19 has impacted students in many different ways and that our Hockinson community is receptive to these needs and pitching in to help our students.”