Running Start


The Running Start program provides juniors or seniors in high school the opportunity to take courses at Clark College as part of the high school program. Courses are tuition-free (up to 15 credits each quarter for full-time Running Start students), and credits count towards both high school graduation and community college degree programs.

In the spring of their sophomore or junior year, interested students will begin the process to qualify for Running Start. To be admitted to the Running Start program, students must have completed their sophomore year in high school, earned at least 10 high school credits, and pass the Running Start examination. 

Factors to consider:

  • Students may take all their junior and senior courses through Running Start, or may choose to have some classes at Clark College and some at HHS.
  • It is possible for students to earn an Associate Degree through participation in this program.
  • Students will still be required to meet state requirements for graduation, including the High School and Beyond Plan.
  • Although tuition is free, Running Start does require students to purchase textbooks, provide their own transportation, and pay some miscellaneous class fees
  • Grades received at Clark College in Running Start classes will be used in computing the student’s high school GPA.
  • Participation in Running Start creates a college transcript and GPA, which will follow students as they move on to other colleges.

Additional information is available on the Clark College website: