Parents of Seniors: Plan now to submit your yearbook Baby Ad in January! Baby Ads will be accepted between January 8th - 12th in the Activities office. First come first serve. Limited space. Bring the following when you submit: cost $30, hard copy of the baby picture, a TYPED message of 300 characters or less, contact information, and a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you would like the picture returned. Questions? Email

Detailed Baby Ad Information

We invite you to send a picture of your senior student as a child with a typed statement

for this year’s yearbook. The pages are in color, but if you would like to turn in a black

and white photo, you may. The yearbook has limited spots for pictures and will accept

on a first come first serve basis. We will open up for submissions on January 8th and

close them on January 12th. No exceptions.


--Pay $30 to the activities office

--Include a picture of your child for us to scan

--A TYPED message to your student. Must be under 300 characters -- this does not

mean 300 words. We will put in the yearbook exactly what is written, so PLEASE spell


--Include your name, student’s name, phone number and email in case we need to

contact you.

--If you would like us to mail your photo back, include a stamped, self-addressed


--All parts must be submitted together (you may not turn in parts separately).


· Each Baby Ad will be of a yearbook page in size, and cost $30.

· Do NOT email or hand it to someone from yearbook class. It must go through

the activities office for it to be submitted.

· Text will be entered as received. Whatever you send is exactly what will go in the

yearbook, so again, please proofread and double check your message.

· You have approximately 300 characters (that includes spaces) for your typed


· When spots fill up, we will not accept more, even if it’s within the given time


· One picture per ad. One ad per student.

· The first day photos and text can be submitted is JANUARY 8th, 2018. The last

day to turn in Baby Ads will be January 12th, 2018, but please note that spots

usually fill up before the final day.

· We will not accept pictures before or after those dates.


· One baby picture

· Your typed message (300 characters or less)

· $30 payment

· Your name, the student’s name, your email and phone number

· A stamped, self-addressed envelope if you would like to have your picture back.

Questions? Contact Sally Drendel at

**Disclaimer: Yearbook is a student-led class and is a learning opportunity. We have strict deadlines, and we work hard to avoid all mistakes, but that doesn’t mean mistakes aren’t possible. HHS will not refund yearbooks due to mistakes.